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About Us
ULN aims to become a leading global Network that promotes the exchange of urban legal knowledge in the field of urban development. The unit is hosted by the GLTN and facilitated by UN-Habitat’s Urban Legislation Unit.

What ULN Does

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Meeting with a Nigerian delegation during UN-Habitat governing council 2013 © UN-Habitat

The Urban Legal Network focuses on a range of topics and thematic areas in relation to Urban Law.

The Network is very open in its focus and understanding of urban law. We define it as the collection of policies, laws, decisions and practices that govern the management and development of the urban environment.

Our focus is partly on the institutional priorities of UN-Habitat as well as the needs of Agenda Partners and indeed, the members of ULN. To date, these various influences have led to an emphasis on particular areas, including:

  • Planning for city densification and extension;
  • Land management; and
  • Innovation in urban development financing.

The Network, however, is keen to consider a broad range of Urban Law areas that reflect the interest of planners, legal practioners, technical experts, decision makers and those who work with different communities. It is also important to note that any area of Urban Law is considered with a particular emphasis on the inclusion of vulnerable groups, such as women, youth, the poor and the socially marginalised. In addition, ULN recognises that supposedly discrete technical fields frequently interconnect in practice and that it is also committed to providing information and sharing experience in all areas of urban law whenever the opportunity arises.

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